Monday, May 09, 2005

Weekly Standard Gets Soft On The Evildoers

I was only half-surprised to see a well-known PNAC/AEI scholar writing in the Weekly Standard against the administration's self-evident, self-contradicting, and self-defeating ambivalence toward the liberalization and exportation of official torture to such nations as Egypt and Uzbekistan. My first reaction is that such outcry from neoconservative quarters may be too late, and it will take a herculean political effort to rid ourselves of the strange fruit borne of the government's present posture. But it still delivers powerful medicine to the moral psyche of those, among whom I include myself, with relatively hawkish proclivities. The article's recommendations do not venture into what now seems the dismal reality - that the covert, extreme policies practiced in countries which, we have it on President Bush's assurance, "say they are not going to torture people" are now the long-term political and moral province of the State and Defense Departments. Not a comforting scenario, to say the least.


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