Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First Principles

With all the blogging that prattles on about such trivial matters as the future of American jurisprudence, the limits of constitutional government, and the ethics of war and peace, I am thankful for I am only half-kidding - the dismissive treatment given this matter by certain high-minded voices doesn't obscure what honest, steady observation learns from the anti-smoking movement and similar cabals of good nature. It learns that egotism, ambition, and, yes, tyranny choose the disguise of inocuous helpfulness and goodwill before any other. It isn't out of paranoia that I worry that a distracted, complacent public resigning itself to this collectivist mentality (and collectivism is its essence) threatens our society materially.

See for yourself:

Gene Healy of the Cato Institute (where I interned and inherited the lion's share of my political education) is somewhat of a spokesblogger for the anti-ban movement. I'm right behind them.


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