Saturday, July 30, 2005

State Governments Want Revenue (A NYT Exclusive)

Most observers with a meager interest in the affairs of the Supreme Court could have predicted right off the bat that the court's Kelo decision was a spark in a tinderbox. But a 365-33 House vote condemning the decision is pretty astonishing, if you ask me (although I hate commending politicians. Here it goes: Thank you, Rep. DeLay. Good for you, Rep. Waters.

A survey of the madness here, in what I believe is the only newspaper in the country to print a salutary analysis of the decision:

In a particularly unsurprising commentary on the relationship between tyranny and the flattery of the ego, one of the most blowhardish outfits in the history of professional sports, the Dallas Cowboys, has slimed its way into collusion with the Texas state government to have a swath of homes and residences demolished, in order that this stellar franchise (2004 record: 6-10) can seat both of its remaining fans in a fancy new stadium.

Vengeance isn't one of my most conspicuous traits, but I can't help but cheer on these folks:

The gentleman spearheading this effort, one Logan Darrow Clements, appeared the other night on the new Tucker Carlson show (a program which I seem to be the only person in the country to like), and he appears to be a very congenial, even-tempered fellow. Just the sort of guy you'd want to see beat the living snot out of twits like Souter.


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