Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Vox Populi

Via the Paul Wolfowitz of the theocons, Marvin Olasky (don't ask), this Pew survey on religion and political identity caught my eye. Apparently almost half of Democrats think their party is too secular, and the same percentage of Republicans think their party is too faith-based. So all the furor over the role of religious faith in public life seems to beg the question of to what extent religious identity is actually transmuted into political action and policy. I am not as fearful as many fellow secularists, though the thrusting of every angle of this debate into the public consciousness, (brought on, in my view, entirely and superfluously by Republican governance), must at some point have an enervating effect on political behavior.

While on the Pew main site, I took this 'Typology quiz'. Somehow I came out as an 'Enterpriser', which the survey defines as those who believe in free enterprise and individual responsibility (check), and tend to reject economic regulation and welfare policies (check). But then it goes on to claim that we Enterprisers are as religious as the average American, and that we support a conservative social agenda (wrong on both counts). It also says Enterprisers are supporters of an "assertive foreign policy", and display "nearly unanimous support for the war in Iraq", even though my answers were at most realist-hawkish.

Ah, polling.


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