Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Pence Wing Lashes Out

With the spine of the federal government pressed desperately against the fiscal floodgates, Fred "Big Government Conservatism" Barnes reports that a proposal by Republican Study Committee to cut federal spending by $102 billion in one fiscal year was shot down by the House leadership and the White House's budget director - for being "politically unrealistic." If it is politically unrealistic, than so is the prospect of renewing fiscal conservatism in future Republican congresses and administrations.

As an exercise, try and find a recent Fred Barnes article that doesn't contain a conspicuously illogical sentence such as this:

"Bush has been called a big government conservative (by me), but that label is inapt because it implies he's a liberal."

I see, so a big government conservative is really just a liberal, but George Bush isn't a liberal, nor is he a small-government conservative. If for the sake of argument we were to call this a logical proposition, what does one even call Mike Pence, Jeff Flake, John Sununu and the motley few, fiscally conservative, limited-goverment gadflies in the Republican Party?


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