Sunday, January 08, 2006

Gaining Perspective

Jonathan Rauch's new column is typical Jonathan Rauch - fair, dispassionate, analytical:

As egregious and unreasonable (and, frankly, opportunistic) as some of Bush's transgressions against fundamental legal and constitutional protections have been, he has been positively fastidious compared to previous presidents. Realizing that Harry Truman, the man whose prudence bore on the decision to obliterate two major Japanese cities, actually thought that nationalizing the steel industry was not only a good idea generally, but that it was plausibly bolstered by the Constitution, ought to, say, contextualize Bush's thinking. But it also ought to scare the sanguinity out of Bush's partisans over the corroding of checks and balances, and other constraints on unencumbered executive authority, that Bush has contrived for his presidency, and his war policy.

But for God's sake....nationalizing steel? I'd compare that to Bush claiming that victory over al-Qaeda is contingent on constitutionally stewarding the sanctity of marriage. Astounding.


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