Monday, February 27, 2006

Yet Another Drug War Victory

This time, in what may yet send the menace of dreadlocked, Deadhead evildoers reeling into its last throes, a five year federal investigation culminates in this:

Exhibit A: A house. With plants in it. Evil ones. Sleep soundly tonight.

In all seriousness, realize that whomever runs this horticultural terror cell will probably spend a good few years in prison. Prisons are awfully expensive to build and maintain, and of course, the entire cost diffuses to many, many people who are probably more deterred from marijuana use by its association with hirsute, ne'er-do-well hippies than by its criminal ostracism. If I were to dictate justice, instead of imprisoning the offenders, I'd say the government ought instead to compensate them for the burden of having to build an elaborate underground facility to hide a bunch of plants from the government. Crime doesn't pay. But if this is crime prevention, than crime prevention steals.

But I don't run things. This genius does. And of course, this is against the law. And we are, after all, a nation of laws and not of men. Right?

(hat tip Andrew Sullivan)


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