Wednesday, May 10, 2006

After Reading "No Soldier Shall...", I Got Tired And Fell Asleep In Someone Else's House.

Tim Cavanaugh over at Hit and Run adds to the blogospheric browbeating of Gen. Michael Hayden with an unsurprising revelation - the former administration go-to on warrantless (i.e. illegal) domestic wiretapping hasn't the foggiest idea what the Fourth Amendment says:

Let the spy games begin. To force the issue even further (say, over the cliff) - without looking, try to guess how many abstract, ambiguous Legalese words lead from the hopelessly nebulous phrase "shall not be violated" to the positively Surrealist "no Warrants shall issue." If you guessed somewhere in the ballpark of zero, you've read more of the Constitution than the probable next spymaster-in-chief.


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