Thursday, May 04, 2006

'I Got a Fever....'

Here's something I can forgive myself for missing, preoccupied as we all are with the other priorities brimming over in the Republican agenda -"closing" the borders, grappling for cogency on Iran, scuttling the Rumsfeld coup, scrubbing away lobbying chicanery with the greased elbows of federal regulation, bribing consumers to calm down about oil prices and so on:

Sen. Grassley, standing athwart history, yelling "down with specialty hospitals!"

Everything you need to know about the state of Republican politics is supplied by the single issue of health policy. An enervated Republican president in a dismal state gets the opportunity to flex his muscle and make an eloquent case for something he's been promising to do for years - reform Social Security and expand HSAs - and decides, apparently after some careful deliberation, to drop that political clout into the hands of nimrods of Grassley's ilk, and instead work to defend the indefensible prescription drug entitlement. Impressive.

Small wonder that Democrats keep their brash confidence in running on issues like health policy, on which they have absolutely no position of any kind, period.

More righteous indignation, including a well-deserved shot at what seems to be the emerging Republican consensus on federally mandated (read: rectally administered) health insurance purchases, from Cato's Michael Cannon here:



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