Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Open Society and its Rugrat Enemies

Everyone agrees that today's Right stands as a historical paragon of intellectual rigor, honesty, and sophistication. But, hey, kids these days, am I right?

Not to oversell the outrage, but I'll be darned if this doesn't inherit every ounce of the the initial problem of crudity and pettiness in current conservative politics - they are just exactly this puerile. I clearly recall a good several hours at some point late in my high school career when I thought myself probably suited to march alongside my generation's "Hipublicans." So it goes that I'm becoming more and more acclimated to standing with lefties of the Campus Progress model with every passing day. I can't even claim to mind much. One of Ben Franklin's less remembered entries into Poor Richard's Almanack was the eloquent axiom "Force shites upon Reason's back." There is argument, and there is cowardice. The late drift of the Right has been toward the latter. With each successive Mattera, each new self-promoting, place-holding hack disguising force as reason, we'll soon come to suspect that the kids are not alright. And unless some basic objections one day irk the Right without provoking a snide "LOL", or some cognate, this will, in the good Lord's great phrase, always be with us. What true conservative can any longer tolerate this obvious fact of fundamentalism replacing principle? Grow the hell up, in other words.

Hat tip Julian Sanchez.


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous John said...

Jon, how can you paint the entire conservative movement in such a way when bastions of liberty, truth, and intellectual diversity like The GW Patriot or National Review are still in existence? Shoot me an email sometime.

Oh, and my take on the Campus Progress situation:


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